Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, finally the world cup semis are here.

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand
Australia vs South Africa

Though many feel that its going to be an Australia vs Sri Lanka clash in the finals...
I would not be surprised if its Australia vs New Zealand and New Zealand wins the finals.

Stephen Fleming has been an excellent captain and the Kiwis as a whole is a cool team.
In pressure games like the semis and finals, experience and cool factor plays a huge role and the kiwis are the coolest players in the cricket world.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sachin & Boost

"Boost is the secret of my energy" -- Sachin

...oh ok, we will stay away from that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Indian Team after World Cap 2007

BCCI Hiring Freshers .......dont miss the opportunity


1) Captain (P-001),
2) Vice Captain (P-002),
3) Coach (P-003) and
4) Team Members (P-004)

Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for Audience who have consistently watched all the world cup matches and who have scored over 65 runs in Room Cricket & Street Cricket

Experience in Football, Volley ball is an added advantage ….

Models, Actors (Advertisements) are most preferable…..

LKG & UKG Teachers are preferable for the post of coach.

Selection Process

1. Batting Test (Vs Bermuda) (Candidate must score at least 50 runs )
2. Bowling/Fielding Test (Candidate should not bowl more than 3 wides /no balls in an Over)
3. HR Interview

(Candidates will be called upon for the selection process based on the Eligibility Criteria)

Send ur resumes with subject Name/Post/Max runs scored E.g. Dhoni/P-004/37 to callforcric@bcci.com

Venue : YMCA Grounds , nandanam
Natesan Park , T.Nagar

Date: 01-Apr-2007

Reference Books:

1) “ Neengalum Batsmen Aagalam” by Munaf Patel
2) “Cricket in 21 days “ by ‘Ellam Therincha Egambaram’ Sidhu
3) “Kolaiyum Seivan Cricketer “ by Inzamam
4) “Ungal Veedai Padhugappadhu Eppadi “ by Dhoni


India 's Next Four matches…

April 20: India vs Kongu Perundurai Higher Secondary School

April 22 India vs BVB Boys School

May 3: India vs Vellalar Ladies College

May 5: India vs Pogo Primary school (I std to 5th std)

Dravid: Its tough time for us. But we will do the Best...
Our first aim to Defeat the Pogo primary school, because lot of players are
young and energetic...

War of the Words

24 x 7 , any news channel I tune to, be it NDTV or Timesnow or Headlines
Today or CNN IBN its only about the crisis in Indian team.

Chappel resigned today. Sachin speaks today kinda like union leader for
our models, sorry cricketers. Rahul is vacationing in kovalam beach in
Kumble speaks against chappell after announcing his retirement.
Everybody is speaking against chappell when the problem actually lies
with our cricketers. I guess all former players are looking for some
kinda job in BCCI maybe coach, or selector or manager etc so they are
sucking upto players and BCCI and speaking against chappell.

Very bad.

Sachin, Kumble & Rahul said that we played badly and we feel sorry and
we take responsibility.

What the heck does that mean!
It means nothing as far as I know.

Its just a stupid statement. Are the players willing to say that they
will not act in any commercials from now on and fully concentrate on
Hehehe. Yeah I wish.

Chappell resigned. Is any other senior player ready to do same. Kumble's
decision was not a surprise as it was expected.

We as Indians have to learn to accept criticism as a feedback to
introspect and improve and not take it as an offence.

I believe when chappell says team selection is influenced by commercial
sponsors and players are more into the commercial aspect of the game
than the game itself.

It will be interesting to see how things go from now on. Most probably
nothing much will change I guess.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Indian male models lost against professional cricketers

A bunch of Indian male models who play cricket in their free time after acting in TV commercials lost to professional cricket players from Sri Lanka. It is now widely suggested that the models should just stick to acting on screen and not involve into serious things like cricket.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Indians suck the wind as usual!!

Bunch of suckers they are. Why waste time thinking that they will win the matches and keep your hopes floating in a bloated bubble?

I never supported this indian team. I dont like the guys who are playing currently. All of them are greedy bastards who just make money from ads and commercials. They dont have an inch of a fighting spirit that even an ant will have. Down go you f**king b*st*rds. You dont learn from your f**king mistakes. Because you dont care for the game and for your billion fans out there. Count me out I am not one among them.

The team is surrounded by total politics and jingoism. Many of the old studs are in the team just because of their influence and money. Nothing more. Fire this entire team and forget cricket. Indians cannot play cricket anymore with this hopeless team. Give them tennis balls and ask them to promote brands.

Check this out!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Schoolboys kick veterans ass

Bangladesh - 17, 18, 21, 21, 22, 22, 23, 24, 24, 34, 36
India - 21, 23, 25, 25, 26, 28, 28, 29, 33, 34, 34

Those are not scores.
The age of players who played the (in)famous India Vs Bangladesh encounter.

The boys, literally, from Bangladesh had an amazing attitude, fight till you win or lose.
The Big Boys from India, I guess, just wanted to go pubbing celebrating St Patricks Day.

When Greg Chappel told few days ago, that Indian players are swimming, snorkeling and doing the usual stuff one does in Carribean, I realized, ok, we are gonna get screwed. And it happened.

Dave Whatmore, the guy who turned Sri Lanka from nothing to World Champions is doing it again, this time with Bangladesh.

I guess the Indians should learn a lot from them.

They should learn they are cricketers and not endorsement stars.

Indians did it again!!

Thats total pain!! Indians were successful in maintaining their track record of being the most fickle and most hyped batsmen in the world. This time the credit goes to Bangladesh to make a mockery at the Indian batsmen. To be frank, the Bangladeshis were too good at the field and bowled incredibly giving no chance for the indians whatsoever.

And Sehwag does it again. The most over-rated player who cannot play. Playing Dhoni at 6 doesnot work at all. And 'Dada' Ganguly showed that he is not that brave when it comes to batting than talking. Actually, in my opinion, he started the defense play and the slow game of the indians. At one point, Yuvraj singh was showing promise and the only other players who showed guts were Munaf Patel and Zaheer Khan.
Its outrageously pathetic. And the indians have a strong chance of losing the group matches and may lose their chance to get on top this world cup. Good that my 'cutthroats' do not include any of these fallen angels.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World Cup Cricket 2007 Live and Free


Fantasy League

We have a Fantasy League called 'Atlantis'

League PIN: 4615
(You must enter this PIN to be part of our league)

Windies Topple Pakis

West Indies proved their worth in the first game of the world cup against Pakistan. Pakistan looked really weak without top bowlers imho, Shoaib Akhtar, Razzaq etc. It made me wonder if pakistan do really have any hope in this world cup as far as bowling is concerned. Batting too sucked the wind. This balloon is not going to fly much!! IMHO.

On the other hand, West Indian Youngsters proved their strength in bowling and batting altogether.

  • Looks to me the west indies deployed a complete team effort with total success.I really liked the way Dwayne Smith played.
  • Dwayne Bravo was on a Hat-trick. (though he didn get any more overs to bowl in this game). I wonder if that is technically on a hat-trick in his next game.

Score card:

West Indies 241/9 in 50 overs && Pakistan 187/10 in 47.2 overs (Link)

Satya's Fantasy Team

Satya's Fantasy Team

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I missed the opening ceremony. Looks like it was quite impressive. Amazing fireworks!! I expect similar fireworks from team INDIA. Go INDIA!! Though, I think Ozzies will win!! Hee hee.. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

India whips Windies

The warm up game between India and West Indies turned out to be a low scoring, one sided affair. Windies batting first were all out for 85 and India reached the target comfortably with the loss of only Sehwag and more than 30 overs to spare. I watched the repeat telecast of this game and I was disappointed that there was really no "warm" up from this game for Indians. The pitch was not all that impressive either.

Take aways from the game:
* Sehwag got out to a horrendous shot. Given that the target was just 86, he could have made use of this oppurtunity to stay in the middle! In my mind, Sehwag may be a great player, but it will be important to have a player in form to play in the top.
* Kaarthik continues to impress me - he looked solid and so did Uthappa.
* Confidence levels should be high for Team India (hope this does not give scope for complacency)

India's first outing is exactly a week away, will be interesting to see what Dravid will decide on the playing XI.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Go Jyot's Dream

That's my team ...

My Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2007 Team


I just bought my Fantasy Team :)


These are my guys...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Any idea what time is the opening ceremony on sunday?