Tuesday, April 17, 2007

War of the Words

24 x 7 , any news channel I tune to, be it NDTV or Timesnow or Headlines
Today or CNN IBN its only about the crisis in Indian team.

Chappel resigned today. Sachin speaks today kinda like union leader for
our models, sorry cricketers. Rahul is vacationing in kovalam beach in
Kumble speaks against chappell after announcing his retirement.
Everybody is speaking against chappell when the problem actually lies
with our cricketers. I guess all former players are looking for some
kinda job in BCCI maybe coach, or selector or manager etc so they are
sucking upto players and BCCI and speaking against chappell.

Very bad.

Sachin, Kumble & Rahul said that we played badly and we feel sorry and
we take responsibility.

What the heck does that mean!
It means nothing as far as I know.

Its just a stupid statement. Are the players willing to say that they
will not act in any commercials from now on and fully concentrate on
Hehehe. Yeah I wish.

Chappell resigned. Is any other senior player ready to do same. Kumble's
decision was not a surprise as it was expected.

We as Indians have to learn to accept criticism as a feedback to
introspect and improve and not take it as an offence.

I believe when chappell says team selection is influenced by commercial
sponsors and players are more into the commercial aspect of the game
than the game itself.

It will be interesting to see how things go from now on. Most probably
nothing much will change I guess.

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